Percussionist & Composer

Mohammad Jaberi was born in 1981 in Kermanshah Iran.
He was taught to play the daf by Ostad Khalife Karim Safvati and Ahmad KhakTinat.
He holds a diploma from the Music Faculty of the University of Tehran and has been twice noted as the best daf player in Iran’s Fajr Festival in 1993 and 1996.
In various national and international concerts, he’s accompanied several masters, such as Ostad Shahram Nazeri, Ostâd Jalal Zolfonun, Ostad Kambiz Roshan Ravan, Ostad Dehlavi, Ostad Hasan Nahid, Ostad Iraj Sahbayi, Sami Yusuf, Dolatmand Kholf, Ali Ghamsari, Seyed Ali Jaberi, Mastan Homay, Sheyda Jahed, Bijan Bijani, Mohammad Motamedi, Vahid Taj, Sina Sarlak, Payam Azizi, Saman Ehteshami, Hamed Nikpay, Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam, Masood Jahed, Hamid Ghanbari, Nasser Razazi, and Seyed Jalal Mohammadian.

He’s also participated in several festivals inside and outside Iran. Here are some of the overseas festivals he’s taken part in:
• Carthage Festival (Tunisia) with Ostad Shahram Nazeri
• Mineon Festival (Japan) with Seyed Ali Jaberi and Seyed Ali Khan Band
• Mawazine (Morocco) with Sami Yusuf
• Fez Festival (Morocco) with Sami Yusuf
• De La Ville (Paris) with Mohammad Motamedi
• De La Ville (Paris) with Ostad Shahram Nazeri
• Expo (Dubai) with Sami Yusuf
• The Netherlands Music Festival with Sami Yusuf
• Sufi Festival (India) with Sami Yusuf
• Ireland Music Festival with Mohsen Sharifiian
• United Kingdom Music Festival with London Philharmonic Orchestra, composition by Ostad Kambiz Roshan Ravan
• Spain Percussion Festival with Iran Drums percussion band managed by Masood Naderi, etc.
• Taraneh Sharghi Festival (Spain) managed by Hamid Khabazi
• The Best Artist in Rhythm Festival in Barcelona, Spain
• The Best Artist in Percussion Festival in India
He is featured in:
• Daf and Rain album
• Psalms of Loneliness, an album by Seyed Ali Jaberi
• Dawn Risers, an album by Seyed Ali Jaberi
• Barakah, album by Sami Yusuf
• Dubai Opera Visual Album by Sami Yusuf
• Dubai Expo Visual Album by Sami Yusuf
• Sarkhoshan, an album by Masoud Jahed
• Zolf, album by Masood Jahed
• Hedye Baraye Zaminiyan by Javad Azizi, etc.
Mohammad is currently a resident in London. He teaches daf and performs in concerts. “Daf and Rain” album, its visual clip, and “The Beloved”- Mashough- clip are available on official music platforms.